The local everywhere solution.


Many of today’s complex challenges demand a new way of doing things, a sustainable way of working with nature
instead of against it to achieve economic and social progress. At SabrTech, we realize that if a solution
is going to make a difference at a global scale, it must be revolutionary.

Our RiverBoxTM is just such a solution.

By addressing the exploding demand for algal biomass in markets like aquaculture, fuel, neturaceutical, chemical and personal care, our innovative technology will revolutionize algae production.

It is a local everywhere revolution.

The RiverBoxTM is deployable for on-site algae production anywhere in the world as a modular unit,
in a greenhouse, outdoors exposed to the sun, or in a brick-and-mortar facility.

The RiverBoxTM, a world's first


Global challenges. Sustainable growth.


Traditional methods to supply algal biomass for industries such as aquaculture and fuel face common challenges:

High costs due to low production yield, significant CapEx, high energy consumption, and large footprint

Species limitations due to geographic locations where algae is produced

Price volatility due to competition with human food chain supply

Supply restrictions due to long distance transportation

Significant environmental impacts due to open systems

Lack of scalability

Our target markets



Faced with rapid feed stock decline and structural environmental issues, the aquaculture industry has a significant and fast growing requirement for waste remediation and sustainable feed alternatives. Algal biomass represents a key opportunity as a replacement or additive for aquaculture feed.



Algae are capable of producing a wide range of beneficial compounds and nutrients ideal for the nutraceutical industry. With a rapidly growing global population and significant challenges to food production due to climate change and pollution, producers are challenged to find truly sustainable sources of nutraceutical ingredients.




Algae requires a smaller footprint, utilizes waste CO2 as a feedstock and does not compete with the food industry. It is an ideal feedstock for the global biofuel market. With SabrTech's flexible, low-cost and rapidly deployable platform, this sector represents a significant long term opportunity.

Personal care


Natural beauty and well-being ought to come from natural sources. To that end, our algal biomass production systems can produce a wide variety of natural oils for personal care products from skin care to vitamins and antioxidants - all with the health (and beauty) of the flora and fauna at heart.

Passionate and experienced

SabrTech’s team is comprised of 13 experienced and committed individuals with a wide variety of expertise covering engineering, finance, marketing, biology, genetics, and ecology.

With collaborations and partnerships across Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia (including DHI-Aquaculture, APAC region), we are bringing together a solid group of industry experts and state-of-the-art technology to make SabrTech's vision come true.

“With the right partners, SabrTech will become the global leader in local everywhere algal biomass production.”
Mather Carscallen, President & CEO, SabrTech.


As the founder, President, and CEO of SabrTech, Mather leads the team to develop solutions for the future. In his role, Mather builds partnerships with leading thinkers to explore the unparalleled potential of algae to address global challenges. Mather also leads the scientific team at SabrTech. Prior to founding SabrTech, Mather spent over three years developing a micro-algal research initiative for the National Research Council (NRC) and initiating a large-scale collaboration between two branches of the NRC, the Institute of Aerospace Research and the Institute of Marine Biosciences. Mather has a PhD in Computational Ecology from Dalhousie University. Mather’s innovative developments in the field of algae research have been recognized with the CleanTech Open award by Innovacorp.



Alexandra is a passionate marketing professional with 15 years of marketing development and implementation as well as 10 years of senior management experience translating corporate goals into successful marketing strategies. In her role as CMO at SabrTech, she leads all marketing efforts for the company and ensures alignment between the brand, the vision, the corporate culture, and all external manifestations.

Alexandra is a partner in Earthlogic, a strategy and sustainability consultancy firm. Prior to joining Earthlogic, Alexandra was the Vice President of Marketing for Ascenta, a leader in the nutraceuticals space in North America. During her 6 years at Ascenta, Alexandra developed and built the organization’s brands to increase market share and consumer loyalty. Prior to this, Alexandra held Marketing management positions within the telecommunications, contact centre, and hospitality industries.

Alexandra is an MBA graduate from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and holds an International Business Administration degree from EAFIT University in Colombia. She is currently interested in leadership and decision-making psychology as essential components of branding, and is pursuing studies in this area at Berkeley University of California.

Alexandra speaks English, Spanish, and French. She enjoys learning about different cultures and, when not at work, she is likely to be found reading, dancing, or travelling.



John is a seasoned leader and operations strategist with over 20 years of experience in operations and technical management. In his role as COO, John is responsible for the overall operations of the company.

John is a co-founder of Imagine Sustainability, a consulting co-operative based in Halifax, Canada. He also teaches in the emerging field of sustainability at Dalhousie University. Prior to joining SabrTech, John spent 20 years with the US Navy as a submarine officer and nuclear engineer, where he accrued a wide range of organizational leadership, large and small team management, operational planning, and technical operations experience. He has successfully led groups of up to four hundred people and has been a strategist and planner for teams of up to eight thousand.

John graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree, then a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Idaho. He trained and certified as a nuclear engineer for the US Department of the Navy. Other education includes Civil Engineering (Environmental) at the University of New Mexico and, currently, John is completing a Masters in Environmental Sciences at Dalhousie University.

John enjoys research and study in various disciplines. Of specific interest is the development of alternative sustainable methods of producing food and energy, for which algae is an ideal source. When not working, he runs, plays guitar, practices yoga, and enjoys his home garden. He can be seen around Halifax participating in active transportation on foot and bike.



Alan is a Chemical Engineer with 40 years of experience in engineering management, manufacturing, and operations at the domestic and international level. He is experienced in biofuel process and project development, as well as within the food, biotechnology, and energy industries among others. Alan recently retired from his role as Senior Vice President of Operations at Mascoma Corporation—a US-based cellulosic ethanol bioprocessing firm—, but continues to support the company as an engineering consultant. Prior to joining Mascoma, he was the Executive Vice President of Technology for Ethanex Energy and the Vice President of Project Development for Delta-T Corporation. Alan has extensive hands-on experience in food processing production and distribution, biotech and pharmaceutical projects, enzyme catalysis, and sugar, cellulose,grain ethanol technology.

Alan holds an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario and an Executive MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He is a member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of both British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

When time allows, Alan enjoys playing hockey, skiing, serving the community, photographing, mentoring, investing, playing the guitar, and keeping up with 3 grand children.



As a Senior Business Development Officer at SabrTech, Bob oversees sales and business development for the company. Prior to joining SabrTech, Bob spent over 20 years as a Senior Industrial Development Officer at Industry Canada. During this period, he was responsible for a wide range of activities directed towards improving the competitiveness of Canadian Aerospace and Defence sector firms. As a strong quality advocate, Bob's work with Aerospace sector companies on the implementation of Total Quality Management and ISO 9000 was well-noted within the industry. He also worked actively with propulsion sub-sector companies in guiding them through the R&D funding development process for the various Industry Canada funding programs.

Upon leaving Industry Canada, Bob worked at the National Research Council’s Gas Turbine Laboratory (GTL) as the GTL Major Programs Coordinator for Aerospace for four years. While at the GTL, Bob worked with management, researchers, external partners, and clients to assist in the implementation of major collaborative R&D programs.

Bob spends his free time reading, woodworking, hiking, and cycling.



With over 13 years of experience in Microbiology, Chris pushes the boundaries of understanding between the effects of physical manipulation and biological processes and diversity. His experience includes exploring the Cytology of cell division, gene family evolution and its relationship to Physiology, and the origin of microbial genetic diversity in extreme environments.

Chris holds a BSc and a MSc from Carleton University in Canada where he focused on cell biology and physiological genetics. He also holds a PhD from Dalhousie University specializing in mutation accumulation in stressful environments.

Outside of work, Chris studies traditional Korean martial arts, is a passionate reader, and plays various sports.



Roar advises on the financial operations of the business. Roar brings a strong finance background having worked with a variety of industries and company sizes from start-ups to publicly traded. Most recently, Roar was the CFO for Ascenta Health Ltd. where he facilitated the successful sale of the company in 2015 to Nature’s Way of Canada for an undisclosed amount. Prior to that Roar was at Ocean Nutrition Canada and played a key role in all new ventures, including vertically integrating the supply chain through to its successful sale to global Royal DSM for $540M in 2012.

Roar started in public practice at Price Waterhouse Cooper in his native Norway, after which he held executive finance positions in the medium-size private sector in Norway. Since moving to Canada, he has worked for a variety of companies from Ernst & Young and Canadian Helicopter Corporation to Ocean Nutrition Canada and Ascenta Health Ltd. in roles focusing on core business performance and strategic business development among others, with a proven track record of creating significant shareholder value.

Roar holds an MSc Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and a Certified Management Accountant certification from CMA Nova Scotia.

When Roar is not deep into the numbers and strategizing the next financial move for the company, he enjoys playing basketball, camping, and spending time with friends and family.



Bill provides engineering expertise to SabrTech and continues to advance and support engineering as the IP developer for the harvesting of the algal biomass and the oil extraction technology.

Bill spent 32 and a half years working with the National Research Council of Canada and retired from his role as Principal Research Officer and Manager of Research and Technology for the Gas Turbine Laboratory.

Bill is a Professional Engineer and holds a PhD from Queen's University in Canada and an Honours Diploma from the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Rhode St. Genese, Belgium.

When time allows, Bill is an avid wood worker, fly fisherman, competitive swimmer, and owner of a Cessna 180 float plane.



As an Adjunct Professor in the Dalhousie University Biology Department, Bob maintains a research program on green algal molecular evolution. He has invested 50 years on algal research and has published 60+ peer-reviewed papers on algae.

For 34 years, Bob taught Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Evolution at Dalhousie University. He has now retired from his Professor position.

Bob received his BS and MA degrees in Botany from the University of Massachusetts with a thesis on benthic algal ecology in the high arctic. Working on the genetics and molecular biology of a unicellular green alga, he obtained his PhD degree from Stony Brook University and later completed his postdoctoral studies at Duke University. Bob has conducted research on algae at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and studied algae at the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole and at the Hopkins Marine Station in California.

Bob enjoys sailing his 50-year-old wooden sloop, working on his heritage home, and playing the banjo and guitar.